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                           Tragisches Bergunglück am Annapurna

    tödliche Eislawine am Annapurna!

Avalanche on Annapurna - Christian Kuntner lost

Silvio Mondinelli, Abele Blanc, Mark Camandona, Mark Barmasse and the remains of Christian Kuntner have already been evacuated, according to Italian media.

Gnaro is devastated, reporting that the ice avalanche hit in a place where it had already struck three times. This morning, the avalanche came again - ice boulders struck the climbers and Christian died from inner hemorrhages in Camp 2.

Christian Kuntner

Christian Kuntner

A doctor from Colorado tried to save his life, but Christian was too seriously hurt. Silvio told the media that Abele Blanc was upset and under shock. Both Christian and Silvio had summited the mountain before the avalanche struck. Annapurna was Christian's ultimate 14, 8000er climb. It became his last one.

Christian Kuntner (South Tirol, 1962) climbed 14, 8000+ mountains: Cho Oyu in 1991, Manaslu in 1992, Broad Peak in 1993, Dhaulagiri in 1994, Everest through the North West Ridge 1995, K2 in 1996 by the Japanese route through North face, Shisha Pangma in 1998 (descent on Skies), GI and GII in 1999, Makalu in 2000, Nanga Parbat in 2001, Kangchenjunga by a new route in 2003, Lhotse in 2004 and Annapurna in 2005.

After former attempts in 1997 (north side), 2002 and 2003 (south side), Kuntner returned this Autumn to Annapurna, the last of the, 14 8000+ for him to summit.

Image of Christian, on top on the summit of Schreckhorn, courtesy of Christiankuntner.com.

Quelle: mounteverest.net
May 18, 2005 08:56 EST

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